Table Manners

Table Manners


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Single player
Curve Digital
Curve Digital
Portuguese - Brazil
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How does a physics-based dating simulator sound? You can be sure that the Table Manners game is one of the most entertaining experiences you can have on the VR. Developed by Echo Chamber Games and published by Curve Digital, the VR adventure has you searching for the love of your life! Get into the dating game – put on your cleanest underwear, book the most glamorous restaurant in town and take off! However, there’s a bit of an issue – you are actually a clumsy disembodied arm that has an unfortunate burden of serving food for your date. Good luck! Intricacies of table etiquette Pick yourself date of either gender by using a Tinder-like app, have a chat with them and use your awesome seductive skills to make them fall for you! Table Manners game will be the ultimate test to your dining etiquette, unfortunately. You can expect to spill wine all over your potential partner, throw a stake at their face, poke them with a spoon or a fork as you try to feed them. Not to worry, though! True love can survive any test sent by fate. Even if it includes the use of an extinguisher to calm down the flaming passion of lovers… or a flaming table. Environmental hazards? We always want to impress our dates by taking them out to outstanding dating locations and you can expect it to be no different from the VR Table Manners game! However, each restaurant, each environment you’ll visit will have its own surprises. Try serving your date food on an airplane in a free fall! What can go wrong, right? Or how about having a romantic lunch on a cruise ship swayed by the ocean waves? No problem – you can handle it! Great game for parties This is an awesome game for those who want to have casual fun and a good laugh, especially with friends around. For this very reason Table Manners game is a perfect choice for those who want to include video games in their party. It’s kid-friendly, there’s no serious story, no intense cinematic missions or grinding. Just everyday dating struggles. Then again, which one is worse? You’ll find the answer to that question by purchasing this title. So, don’t hesitate! Buy Table Manners VR game key for the Steam platform, shake that shyness or dating anxiety and believe in yourself!


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