Wife Quest

Wife Quest



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Single player
Pippin Games
Pippin Games
Portuguese - Brazil
Spanish - Spain
Traditional Chinese

Do you want to expand your horizons in the gaming world? This title is going to do just that! Developed by the talented team of Pippin Games, Wife Quest key offers entertainment of epic proportions for those who love a good challenge. Enjoy one of the best titles in the action genre, released on 2022-03-16 and available on __GAME_PLATFORM__. The title boasts smooth gameplay mechanics and offers hours of gaming full of new experiences – buy Wife Quest __GAME_PLATFORM__ key at a cheaper price because jovial leisure time is right here at your fingertips! Action genre Are you an active multi-tasker who can’t sit around? If yes, then this game is for you. With Wife Quest __GAME_PLATFORM__ key being in the action category, you’ll get to learn about the complex intricacies of survival in a fictional world. While overcoming an array of challenges, you’ll also have to be mindful of the character’s health condition. Are they perfectly healthy and can go on embracing even more difficult challenges? Or maybe they’ve been hurt and must be careful during the upcoming task? As someone who’s in complete control of the choices made, you’ll constantly have to observe if they’re in perfect condition while entering new battles. Otherwise, it’s Game Over. Features Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with Wife Quest key for hours on end! It’s bound to happen, especially since this title includes these features: • 2D graphics – The world consists of two-dimensional visuals and models, and cannot be viewed from other angles; • Adventure – You have to explore, interact with characters, solve puzzles, and uncover all the mysteries; • Family-friendly – The game is appropriate for audiences of all ages; • Indie – This title was created by an independent team of developers focused on creative innovations; • Retro/pixel graphics – The visuals are created by using detailed pixel graphics, similar to the old school games of the 80s; • Side-scroller – You see environments and characters from one side and can only move right or left; • Cheap Wife Quest price.


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