The Last from Mars

The Last from Mars


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Single player
Cualit Gaming Studios
PlayStation VR

The Last from Mars is a VR game to be released for Playstation VR and Oculus platforms. It is a 3D first person shooter, and the objective is to survive each round of invading aliens after which a more difficult round begins. The player begins the game with a simple laser gun and has access to a melee attack, as well as a maximum of 4 teleports. As players fight the aliens, they receive points and orbs. These points are used to upgrade weapons, perks, and access different parts of the map. Aliens enter from outside the playable map, and as the rounds progress, difficulty increases. The game has numerous perks that can be bought that awards players a certain ability or power. Other perks, called drops, have a chance to only be dropped after an alien is killed.

An intergalactic fleet reigned by a dark entity invades Earth and you must fight for your life. Be ready, because this is a 3D first-person virtual reality shooter, and the foes will be coming from everywhere, out of nowhere, even behind you so… watch your back! Wake up the hero inside you while discovering who The Last from Mars is. Ancient civilizations are scattered throughout the galaxy. They have the most unusual and functional lifeforms. Some are huge and have brutal strength, others are tiny and crawl for resources. There are those who are swift and threatening, chances are you’ll hear them before you see them. Although many of us suspect alien life exists, the ones who say it out loud are thought as crazy, conspirators, or paranoid. Someone, in a far corner of the universe, was aware of their existence and manipulated them to do its bidding. This sovereign of shadows curbed them using orbs as a decoy in the form of an offering, making them his subjects. These orbs are attached to their bodies and force them to do its will. Now, these alien puppets have assembled into their own intergalactic order to carry out its sinister plans.


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