The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary



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Single player
Joe Richardson
Joe Richardson
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

The spiritual successor to the critically-acclaimed Four Last Things is finally here! Joe Richardson presents a unique point & click experience made entirely out of Renaissance paintings - The Procession to Calvary, where players are tasked with finding Heavenly Peter, the tyrant responsible for the Holy War that ravaged your lands. Locating him won’t be the easiest of quests as you’ll have to steal a ship, compete in talent contests, help an inept street magician, hunt for treasure, even have a good ol’ talk with God himself, and much more. Buy The Procession to Calvary Xbox Live key and take part in one of the most convoluted & outlandish murder schemes ever! The Procession to Calvary features From miracles to conspiring with cardinals and even pilfering from pirates themselves, a long and rocky road awaits you in the search for Heavenly Peter. You’re bound to enjoy these The Procession to Calvary key gameplay features along the way: • Unique art style. Enter the world made up entirely out of paintings made by the great Renaissance painters like Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Boticelli, and more; • A whole separate story. While this game takes place in the same universe as Four Last Things, you don’t have to play it to understand what’s happening in this title - both storylines are completely separate; • Murder is optional. Although you are equipped with a sword, it’s not advised to use it to get out of situations and puzzles - and if you do eliminate someone, some of your actions may just come back to haunt you; • Monty Pythonesque. This is a treat to fans of the kind of humour Monty Python is known for - prepare for surreal & anarchic comedy and gags about anything and everything; • Cheap The Procession to Calvary price. A comical quest for revenge Elevated by a soundtrack comprised entirely of classical music, The Procession to Calvary Xbox key transports players to the Renaissance era. The Holy War is long over and the oppressors rule your lands no more - thousands of innocent were murdered and the churches of the Old God now lay in ruin. There is still one scoundrel running about by the name of Heavenly Peter and it is your mission to find him and eliminate him. With nothing more but a sword at your side, you have to find more gold, secure a way for travelling, and immerse yourself into the most outlandish tasks!


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